Countdown to festival fun:

We are getting ready for another great year at the New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning! If you would like to apply to be a pilot at this year's festival, please fill out the Pilot Application form below.

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning Information:

- Five (5) ascensions
Ride Compensation for Commercial Pilots:
per paying passenger for Saturday & Sunday AM flights
   $227.50 per paying passenger for Friday & Sunday PM flights
   $245.00 per paying passenger for Saturday PM flight
- $15,000 in prize money
- Propane provided (come full, leave full)
- Hotel for pilots traveling over thirty (30) miles
- Pilot Gift
- Option to carry an envelope banner for $450
- Pre-launch meals for pilots and crew (5 total)
- Friday evening pilot party after PM flight, invitation only (5 total)

Please complete the form below, one registration form per balloon.

*Please note: all pilot amenities (hotel, gift, etc.) are for the primary pilot only.

*All pilots (unless otherwise discussed) owe the festival two (2) balloon rides. For local pilots living less than 30 miles from the festival, in lieu of a hotel room we will reduce the obligation to one (1) balloon ride.
*must be a minimum of 100 hours
mm/dd/yyyy *If you would like to register a second pilot for the same balloon, please email the above information for the second pilot to Will Hobbs at whobbs@balloonfestival.com. Adding a second pilot via email will not affect the order in which your original application was received.

Balloon Details

*Please note that when assigning passengers, we assume an average weight of 175 lbs. unless your application indicates something noticeably different.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
*With our new website design, we are requesting that all pilots send an updated photo of their balloon. Please label as such: BALLOON_NAME.jpg, 10MB max


Feel free to list all individuals/companies that are named insureds on your policy.
*If you or any named pilots above have had any aviation related insurance claims in the last 5 years, please email claim explanation to Will at whobbs@balloonfestival.com.


Pilots traveling over thirty (30) miles will receive one (1) complimentary room for the weekend (Fri - Sun night). All pilots are REQUIRED to fly Sunday evening. Those balloons invited to fly in the Friday morning media event may check in on Thursday. If you would like to purchase additional rooms for yourself or crew at a discounted festival rate, please email Will, whobbs@balloonfestival.com. Please note, additional hotel rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. For our local pilots (pilots living less than thirty [30] miles from the festival), in lieu of a hotel room, we will reduce the obligation to fly sponsors from two (2) balloon rides to one (1).

Media Flight

The Friday morning media event is predominantly for corporate balloons and shapes. If a non-corporate pilot is interested in participating, check the box below. We will be accepting a limited number of non-corporate balloons and will notify you in advance if you are needed to fly in the media event. Pilots who carry media personnel will not receive compensation for those passengers, nor does participation in the media flight reduce your sponsor ride obligation.

Envelope Banner

Pilots who carry an envelope banner will receive an additional $450. Banner gratuity is paid on completion of all successful flights, including Sunday PM. Your willingness to carry a banner is greatly appreciated. Please indicate your exact banner capability on the application form. It is extremely important that banners fit perfectly!


Payment & Agreement

FYI, we are working on paying all of our pilots through an ACH Direct Deposit Fund. More Information to be emailed out soon.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
REMINDER this is an FAA monitored event. At check in you will need to provide Pilot Certificate, Airworthiness Certificate, Aircraft Registration, and proof of Aircraft Annual Inspection, Pilot Biennial Review, and 2nd Class Medical (if flying passengers for compensation).