Countdown to festival fun:

Daredevil Family Flies High and Rides Fast

April 25, 2023

Some families enjoy long car rides together. The Flores Family likes to ride motorcycles together at high speeds inside a giant metal ball of death.

And if that’s not fun enough, mom Arcelia risks life and limb atop a 55-foot-tall pole that sways from side to side. Untethered. And without a net.

The New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning is the newest height for the Fearless Flores Family to climb; the family of daredevils made it to the quarterfinals of NBC’s hit TV show America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

They’ll perform death-defying stunts throughout the Festival weekend.

Arcelia risks her life on the sway pole while demonstrating acrobatic balance and grace high above the Festival grounds.

Daughter Viana – the “Princess of Motorcycle Daredevils” – will be the first rider inside the legendary “Globe of Death” giant metal ball. At the age of 12, she is the youngest female motorcycle stunt performer.

Their son Volorian, 20, then rides his motorcycle at high speeds inside the ball around Arcelia, who will be standing in the middle of the action. Father Ricardo then joins Volorian – double the danger, double the fun – as a second motorcyclist
racing inside the ball.

The Flores’ make sure that audiences do more than just watch. They’re active participants while Viana simultaneously spins 12 plates during their show’s second act. Following their performances, patrons can enjoy a meet-and-greet with the family
and pose for Instagram-worthy selfies inside the “Globe of Death.”

In spite of the danger of their act, the Fearless Flores, ninth and tenth generation performers from South Florida, say they love the lives they’ve built alongside their family members as they travel the globe creating lasting memories for those in