Countdown to festival fun:

Getting Around: Two Convenient Parking Options

July 9, 2008

Festival attendees have the option of parking on-site at Solberg Airport or parking at nearby Raritan Valley Community College and taking the Free Express Shuttle service to the Festival.
On site parking is convenient and allows festival-goers to park right at the Festival grounds at the AT&T Parking Lots for a nominal charge of $5. With the average family staying here for 7½ hours, parking on-site is a great option should you feel the need to want to go back to the car for any reason.
For the past 10 years the Festival has provided attendees with the option of parking at Raritan Valley Community College and taking the free shuttle bus to the Festival grounds on Saturday and Sunday. RVCC is an important component in our traffic and parking plan. It provides us with more capacity, weather-proof paved parking, and an overall better flow of traffic. We’d also like to thank Jeanne Giordano at the college for her many years of cooperation and support.
Raritan Valley Community College is conveniently located near Route 78 and Route 22, two of the major highways that feed into the Festival. The Free Express Shuttle Bus service begins at 12:00 noon on Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27. The thirty-eight buses are provided by the Barker Bus Company of Somerville.
“Anyone who has come to the Festival in recent years can tell you that the traffic flow and the option of taking the free shuttle buses from RVCC have greatly improved the Festival experience,” said Festival Executive Producer Howard Freeman, whose staff works very closely with the Readington Police Department to ensure the best possible flow of traffic getting into and out of Solberg Airport.
Another solution festival attendees should consider: arrive early.
“Saturday and Sunday morning’s mass ascensions are not only beautiful to watch, the early morning crowds are a little lighter and the weather a little cooler,” added Freeman. “If you’re coming for the evening ascensions and attractions, we suggest you arrive in the mid to late afternoon. Our biggest crowds will be here for 6 o’clock on Saturday, so come early and enjoy the Festival long before the nighttime ascension and attractions begin.”