Countdown to festival fun:

Rick Springfield Performance

July 27, 2010

Like the Magic of our beautiful mass hot air balloon ascensions throughout the weekend, ’80s heartthrob Rick Springfield added to our festival-goers’ memories with a once-in-a lifetime, up-close-and-personal performance Sunday afternoon. Taking the Main Stage following a 58 minute rain delay, the trim-looking Springfield performed an intimate solo concert that those in attendance will never forget. Guitar in hand, Springfield sat center stage in a tight white t-shirt and sang his repertoire of tunes, including his signature smash hit, the Grammy-award winning “Jessie’s Girl” along with “What’s Victoria’s Secret” and many others during a 45-minute set. Rick had to catch a pre-booked plane at 7:00 p.m. from Newark to Los Angeles, and as a result had to depart promptly after his performance at 4:40 p.m. The Australian songwriter, musician and actor entertained fans, from his loyal following of “Rick’s Chicks” to the rows and rows of concert attendees who sang along with and enjoyed every minute of his performance. Springfield was even accompanied on stage by three young dancers who joined him in adding to a very lively, very personal experience not to be forgotten.